Sunday, January 1, 2017

Some great homilies and talks: Fr. Chad Ripperger

Most Catholics will tell you that the homilies they hear at their parish are boring. Priests who can give a good homily are rare these days. If you have one, then you are truly blessed.

Generally, what Catholics mean when they say a homily is "boring" is that the homily is trite, uninformative, congratulatory, meaningless, irrelevant, and disconnected from the person's life and their relationship with God.

I certainly feel that way when I visit other parishes.

Because of that, I began some time ago to look for quality homilies and talks online, and the internet did not disappoint!

Here are some talks by Fr. Chad Ripperger, exorcist of the diocese of Tulsa, and former member of the FSSP. I have found them to be incredibly helpful and meaningful. Make sure you pause and look things up if you don't know what they are -- you will find yourself learning a lot in a short period of time!

If any of my few priest friends chance upon this post -- please do not be afraid to really "dig in" during your Sunday homily, if and only if your homily is well-prepared. The worst thing to do is to give a long, meandering, ill-prepared homily -- but none of my friends would do that, so I encourage you to begin seriously catechizing your parish. They need you, and God has given or is begging to give you the graces!

The Psychological & Spiritual Effects of Being Negative -- especially important for my fellow Traditionalists

The 6th Generation: Generational Spirits: Lost Generation to the One Current  -- significant for those attempting to understand the past and how we got where we are

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