Monday, June 21, 2010

The Nature of Blogging (First Post!!)

If writing is an art, than blogging must be the equivalent of doodling in a notebook. I mean, some girls can DOODLE, and it looks awesome...but it's still a doodle.

This in no way is an attack on doodling. Every artist sketches; none paint masterpieces without practice. Doodling is the child's first step towards the Louvre.

So that makes this my first step towards...the New York Times? Blah.

Blogging is to be an experience of accompaniment. Blogging norm dictates that I go out, experience something worth writing about, write it in such a way that is is infinitely exaggerated for the amusement, entertainment, or education of my readers, and then proclaim it's publishment across the electronic framework of the internet.

I think that the trick to blogging is to just friggin' blog and then come back AFTER you publish it and say, "Damn! Why did I write that? What is going on with my punctuation? And WHY did I make such a stupid comparison!" And then during the next blog, give attention to the mistakes made and avoid them for the immediate future. If I try to go back and fix things as I write them, post by measly post, I find that there are several unwanted effects:

1. I make my post, and my blog, seem way more important than it actually is.
2. I therefore become very concerned with the quality of that which I am writing.
3. I find myself shooting down topic after potential topic, and
4. I end up not publishing anything.

So there shall be no more examination of posts during the writing process. I have always made it my habit to write things from top to bottom as a sort of whole cloth; the idea of writing a paper piecemeal is foreign to me, and seems extremely artificial. I write what I know, and as all of what I know is always and inevitably interconnected and interdependent, it makes no sense to me to attempt to write things piecemeal. All at once or nothing at all!

I had to write something as a first post - I figured "On the Nature of Blogging" would constitute an appropriate topic. As I have already sworn not to go back and erase crap that I have written, I guess this is what we've settled on.

But since this is probably very, very boring, I will give my audience some hope. You know, the stuff that whispers to you, "The lecture will end soon and then you can go eat chocolate!!" Yeah, that. The hope is this.

1. I will blog about VERY SERIOUS MATTERS. Like how the drawer where I put my socks and underwear...seems to eat my socks and underwear. It's very, very serious. I will have pictures!!

2. Seriously though, I'll blog about how my sister told me today that she doesn't like Shakespeare or Edgar Allen Poe and doesn't understand why I read them. James' response was: "Well, why do you breath, Monty? Or eat? Or FRIGGIN' EXIST!??!"

3. Ok, really and truly, I want to blog about how the past generation of Americans have screwed our generation, and how I find myself more loyal to my age group than I am to America. Do you share that loyalty? And isn't that a wierd thing? I found that I have a certain distaste for men and women around 15 to 40 years older than me. I don't like them. I automatically blame them for many of our own generation's fallenness. And blogging, I am sure, will only reveal more nasty thoughts on my part. So if you want to defend your parents and their generation, come onnnnn back!


  1. Yea!!! I personally can't wait to see the jump from underwear to Shakespeare. Seriously, though, I'm glad you started blogging, and I look forward to reading what you have to say; both serious and nonsensical :)

  2. I am so excited to see this, and I hold the same hatred for 15-40 year older people, although people older than that are amazing!


  3. I think, Elizabizzle, that underwear and Shakespeare are, infact, interdependant.


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